Derek Egolf

egolf (dot) d (at) northeastern (dot) edu

I am a PhD student (since 2021) at Northeastern University. My advisor is Stavros Tripakis. My primary research focus is the automatic generation of correct-by-construction systems from high-level specifications (synthesis). In the past this focus has included verified lexer generation. More recently it has been directed toward the synthesis of distributed protocols. Before coming to Northeastern, I completed my BS in Computer Science and Mathematics at Tufts University.


  1. Decoupled Fitness Criteria for Reactive Systems. Derek Egolf, Stavros Tripakis. SEFM 2023.
  2. Synthesis of Distributed Protocols by Enumeration Modulo Isomorphisms. Derek Egolf, Stavros Tripakis. ATVA 2023.
  3. Verified ALL (*) Parsing with Semantic Actions and Dynamic Input Validation. Sam Lasser, Chris Casinghino, Derek Egolf, Kathleen Fisher, Cody Roux. NFM 2023.
  4. Verbatim++: Verified, Optimized, and Semantically Rich Lexing with Derivatives. Derek Egolf, Sam Lasser, Kathleen Fisher. CPP 2022.
  5. Verbatim: A Verified Lexer Generator. Derek Egolf, Sam Lasser, Kathleen Fisher. LangSec 2021.